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Post Intimate survey (girl only)

Hey guys, I'm new here and I wanted to do a survey to know more about girls. Hope you enjoy it!

1. How old are you?
2. What's your cup size?
3. Is your vulva shaved/Trimmed/hairy?
4. Have you ever masturbated?
5. How old were you when you started?
6. How long do you usually spend on a masturbation session?
7. How many times per day do you masturbate?
8. Are you able to climax?
10. Can you squirt?
11. How many times can you climax in a row without stopping?
12. How many fingers can you fit?
13. Whats the biggest object you've inserted?
14. Whats the weirdest object you've inserted?
15. Can you climax from vaginal stimulation?
16. Whats the depth of your vagina?
17. Have you ever given a blowjob?
18. Where were you?
19. How old were you the first time you did?
20. Do you swallow?
21. Do you like it?
22. Are you able to deepthroat his whole length?
23. How many guys have you blown in total?
24. How many guys have you blown simultaneously?
25. How many different guys have you blown in a row (same day)?
26. Have you ever received oral sex?
27. Did you like it?
28. Did he make you climax from it?
29. Do you enjoy having your clitoris directly stimulated?
30. Did he put his tongue inside your vagina?
31. Did you like it?
32. Have you ever had sex?
33. Was it your idea?
34. Where were you?
35. How old were you the first time?
36. Did you regret it after?
37. Did you like it?
38. Did he cum inside you?
39. Did you use protection?
40. Was it painful?
41. Can you climax from sex?
42. How many times can you climax during one session?
43. How many guys did you have sex with in total?
44. Have you ever had sex with multiple guys at the same time?
45. Have you ever been caught during masturbation, blowjob or sex?
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