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Default A really hard choice

Hello, my name is Aiden.
I am in my final year of highschool and this is what's going on.

Basically there are two girls between whom i "need" to choose (i need to make a decision on which one of them i want to go for). Dont take that the wrong way, it's not like its all up to me but i need to make a choice for myself as to which one i like the most.

So the first girl (i'll refer to her as "Stella") i have known for a couple months now. I know her through a good friend of mine. Stella is a one year younger than i am so we are also not in the same school year.
At first we only talked through social media, but about a week ago we held a 10 hour long movie marathon which was great! Then a couple days ago we hung out again.
We really connect and i feel like she's just a great girl. The problem, however, is that i am not completely sure if she likes me the way i think i might like her. Therefore i would be risking an otherwise potentially very nice friendship. (If she doesnt feel the same way).

The other girl (lets call her "Fiona"). She is 17 and also in her final year of highschool.
I met her at a party two weeks ago. I didnt know anyone except for two people at this party (i didnt know her either). We really seemed to hit it off that night, and two days later she began texting me and she turned out to be a really kind and sweet girl. She comes across as if she is flirting quite a lot to me. (Is that just me?) I mean with this that she texts me every morning and sends kiss emoji's and gives me subtle compliments.
The problem here however, is that she plans on taking a year to travel between highschool and college. That would of course mean that i would barely get to see her for a long time. (I do NOT want a long distance relationship again - i was in one for 6 months at the beginning of 2017 and it took an emotional toll on me every single day)

So yeah, thats my situation... Any ideas or tips would be appreciated! I really dont know which of them i like the most in a relationship-like way...
If you need any more information or have any questions for me just let me know!

Thanks for thinking with me!
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