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Default What is the problem with my body?

I know that for most of you it gonna sounds funny but I just want to die when I have to go to school in the morning.In my country we start at 7h30 and I wake up at 6h30.But...believe me! my body is not working.I feel so cold that my teeth,my body, my everything is just freezing while I am just standing in my bed incapable of even move.Then when I go to school I have to buy some unhealthy breakfast because otherwise I gonna pass our from hunger and I need some energy...

Then I drink caffe...but then I go home and...I am not joking.There are times when I have a headache for like a week in a row.And what I am supposed to do after school? studying again!And I see how everyone is just ''yeee we are at school in he morning...we will have all day free'' and my soul is literally crying when I remember that I have to get through this again. Like the tiredness, the headaches, my bad vision, the cold in the morning. It kills me. And i feel so different.Like I won't be able to even go to work normally in the future!And yes...My friends go to bed at 01-02am and I am going to bed at like 21h30....and I am 18 years old....I am not a little kid.
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