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Originally Posted by Foamy View Post
So, as I'm in uni and prepared to graduate with my bachelor's in may (*screaming*) my first question to you would be: what do you want to pursue studies in? That should be your first thought - once you have decided on a major(s) then you should look at schools that have good programs in what you want to study. Depending on the program, the local school might be better than an Ivy overseas.

Secondly: Make sure your finances are in order. If you know you'll have to take on loans and debt, just be prepared. If you can go for free at other schools and money is an issue, it might be a wise choice to end up taking the cheaper alternative instead of a more expensive one that might leave you struggling financially.

Thirdly: My personal experience: I took on the debt to go to a school that ended up getting me (arguably) the best financial aid package, between the government loans and the school scholarships. I couldn't be happier with my education, and it has led me to be fairly confident that I could pursue a PhD in my field, so thats what I;m planning on doing next year. PhD programs, in case you were unaware, typically pay you a stipend as well as waiving most or all of tuition. However, that involves at least the 4-year Bachelor's (and sometimes Masters as well) beforehand.

In regards to your second question - I refer you to above. Sometimes the super duper good school might be too expensive, or maybe its not the right school for your program. If you anticipate being homesick often, maybe dont push overseas too much and stick around for undergraduate. Ultimately, follow your heart, as you will know what you want the most when the opportunity is put in front of you.

Good luck with the college searching!

DUDE! YOU ARE AWESOME! THANK YOU FOR THE AWESOME RESPONSE were you the one pursuing microbiology or something? I read something like this in another thread...
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