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Originally Posted by nwshc
pft, planetary defence. What a crook of shit.

Ok, right now we haven't made it past the moon, and your thinking about extracting gold, silver, hydrogen from a moon millions of miles away? We have the biggest sorce of hydrogen right here in our own oceans. The earth is 75% water (i believe) and there is plenty of hydrogen floating around just waiting to be harnessed.
Also, there is enough gold floating around in the ocean (in little particles) that if all collected will equal 10-20 million lbs.
We can not do anything to protect our planet from a meteor. What are we going to do, an Arrmegedon style exicution? Hardly. All we will have to do is sit back and wait.
It can make us billions and billions, but right now it's probably costing us billions and billions.
NASA should be scraped. Its useless. Or atlest till we have the means to support it.
Nick u dumb fuck you obivously know jack shit about the solar system so why dont you gather some fucking facts and THEN argue!

NOW first off Titan has no gold, silver or platinum u albino jackass its ice and water aka oxygen and hydrogen.
Other planets and astroids contain the rare metals.

Its not far enough for that to be a MOJOR issue

Right now once a ship has left our planet it can be at mars in a mater of months
The real problem is getting it out of the atmosphere and the gravitational forces of earth!
Once you have a space station and a station on say the moon it would be easy to construct a huge ship that would not have to battle the atmosphere and gravity of earth.

As for planetary defence it is entirely possible! and NOT a big bomb yes I know you americans like your nukes but that would not be the answer if anything it would make matters worse, instead of one astroid that would say slam into america and do the rest of the planet a favor it would instead turn into millions of small ones bombarding the entire surface.

What you need are simple solar sails you have a satalite land on an astroid drill into it and extend sails slowly altering its path it dosent need to move much an inch over a few million miles is a HUGE distance NASA is already looking into those they've been proven in models to work.

Now in all honesty I don't even give a dam
Your country is the one with the extremly embarassing dept
Your country has the 6yr old kids taking guns to school
Your country is the focus of the terrorists because they despise u and i cant say i blaim them

I find it funny how the pentagon just created a formal plan where they get to nuke other countrys like russia for example befor russia hits you I belive cowards refur to it as a preumptive strike. Yet your to incompitent to see that if you control space then you control the political and economical battle feild on earth cause lets face it all everybody cares about is whats in it for me aka politics and MONEY (economy)
rap even though WE give YOU access to major natural rescourses.

Now I dont give a piss about humanity
I don't plan on living long
Most my fam is already dead
I'm not getting married and i'm not gonna have kids
So it dosent fucking matter to me
Do what you wish

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