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Default Re: i don't know what's wrong with me!?!

Originally Posted by Fritz View Post
Hey mate youre alright, if you ever want to xhat, im open
Thanks man.

I;ve been feeling better lately, I have this huge checklist of thoughts that I have conjured up in my mind and slowly I'm going onto google and checking them off. It's like that feeling when you delete a bunch of tabs you don't need anymore that were on your laptop for over a week. Update you soon

edit: I have made some documents. Each one talks about movies, or books, or songs or TV shows, and on each document, I just write down every single movie/book/song/TV show relevant to the specific document from my childhood that I remember and enjoy This is helping me remember my childhood and helps me process my nostalgia

I'm suffering my quarter-life crisis 10 years premature but hopefully I'll find a way and be ok. Don't be afraid to chat, I'm open to every experience and opinion!

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