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Originally Posted by Othello
george bush is not at fault. congress should put some bills in to make changes. all he can do is sign if he want's it or not. I think that we put too much thought in the prez, when its congress that runs the government.

And yes, a monorail would be a good investment. I think it would he us to move goods from outer lying cities to ports in the gulf, pacific, bay area, and east cost. It would be an all around money maker. If we had more exported items, and less importing crap we don't use, then we would make more money, pulling us out of debt.
I agree the mag rail could make u sum money.

But then why are you so set on getting rid of NASA?

NASA is costing you money right NOW just like it will cost you money to build and maintin mag rails.

See the next big thing for humanity is space or more spicifically our lil solar system.
There are HUGE rescourses in space and i mean HUGE, gold, silver, platinum, hydrogen they even belive the moon Titan is all water (top is covered in the thickest ice imaginable below what we belive to be the biggest ocean in the solar system).

Not to mention planetary defence
did you know that a meteor big enough to destroy (and i mean DESTROY) rode Island came EXTREMLY close to earth and i mean EXTREMLY we had no idea it was commingdidn't see it untill it entered earths shadow when it was shooting away from us.
So not only could this obliterat an entire state/country/continent but the dust it would shoot into the atmosphere would cool earths temperature for yrs to come not to mention the crops and other vegetation that would dive off.

NASA is at the fore front
yes there are other space organizations but NASA is the biggest and the strongest and if they do it right america could make billions and billions.

Only an incompitent fool would think that all there problems will be solved by shutting down one of the best things there country has going for them.

What Bush has done for NASA has to be the only thing i like about him.

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