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Default Re: i don't know what's wrong with me!?!

Originally Posted by Sevun View Post
Ahaha yeah that's probably why I haven't seen you around much, I rarely go on this part of VirtualTeen lol. You're cool!
Anyway, ok I will see if I can get in touch with someone at my school. I don't know if talking about my feelings to them will sound frivolous coming out of my own mouth though, maybe that's a sign that when I read them out loud, I'll realise they're unrealistic or something. I hope not :p
Talking about one's own feelings often kinda feels strange in the beginning so don't worry. It's like that for everyone.

Originally Posted by Sevun View Post
My other concern is that what happens if I follow my passion but I realise it's not what I wanted and then I'm back at square 1? And that I'll have to be an adult and never have that sweet innocence of being a child. I am struggling to find the positives of being an adult because I feel like childhood is better in every single aspect. I'm honestly suffering my quarter-life crisis 10 years premature *sigh*
Well, trial and error that's a huge part of growing up.
So if you do something and find it is not what you wanted, you stop and do the next thing guess that's how life works for everyone.
I dunno who old you are exactly but I think getting feelings like that at certain ages even before your 40s is sorta normal. I feel this always happens when you are on some sort of important point in your life. I had a lot of thoughts like that this year, too. Like what to do with my life after highschool and all.

Originally Posted by Sevun View Post
I also have this weird craving for kids TV shows? Is that normal? I think it's me being nostalgic and sht but I get immense joy whenever I see a kids show, even if it's a new one I've never seen before. Same applies to books. I really wish I was born in the 1990s to experience all the rock bands and stuff sigh they make really good nostalgic songs
I watch a lot of kids shows old and new...People often say I come off as quite mature when they talk to me but honestly I enjoy kids stuff a lot and I'm still a kid at heart I guess. I don't see anything wrong with it. ... But yeah that's just me.

Originally Posted by Sevun View Post
Dalcourt and JT, how do you create the "Cabin on the Bayou" and "This Thing I Call My Life" and the "AMA" thing? they seem like good ways to write about your life and discuss it with people
I explained that in a visitor message since I don't want to get off topic too much.
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