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Originally Posted by Jaffe View Post
You probably do have a fast metabolism. Which can be a good thing. You also might be in a growth spurt, which requires more energy.

It is probably a good idea to cut back on carbs - cereal and bread especially - and increase the proteins and fats. Those will stay with you longer; bread makes you hungry again right away.

Also add lots of fibre, as fibre makes you feel full. Fibre = vegetables. Fruits give some, but fruit is more sugar, veggies are more fibre. I doubt your parents will complain about the quantity, if it is vegetables.

If you are eating a healthy and varied diet, with little bread or sugar, then the quantity is not really important. Eat healthy and enjoy good food.

Stealing my thunder bro...

I was going to say I think itís the wrong food for your body. Everybodyís body is different. So is the metabolism. So you may not feel hungry cause youíre matabolising food faster cause your body doesnít need whatís in it. Try a balanced diet. Maybe even see a nutritionist. Theyíll set you up on a health diet designed for you

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