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Default Re: University trouble

I try not to think too much about university. Difficult enough to make it to the end of this school year.

That said, one MUST at least consider it occasionally. I do not really know what kind of secondary education I will qualify for, since my high school education was in the USA and the school systems are quite different. In the Netherlands, once chooses at 12 years of age, what 'type' of high school to attend, and which type of high school then determines which type of post-school education. Unfortunately, I have taken none of the required exams along the way for placement here, nor needed to select a specific line of study, so do not even know if I qualify. In fact, I likely would not even qualify for high school here.

If you are serious about wanting to go overseas, have you looked at universities in northern Europe? There are universities in the Netherlands that teach in English, and even as a foreigner, you might get financial assistance.

Edited to add:
What do you want to study? Depending on the subject, some EU universities offer free education to foreigners, to attract people into certain fields. Some require a work commitment afterward, some do not.

If you are paying tuition as an Aussie, you will probably pay about €10.000 per year for tuition.

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