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Default Re: i don't know what's wrong with me!?!

Originally Posted by Sevun View Post
Hmm, thank you very much for the response. Are you new around here? I've never seen you? Or do moderators/admins get assigned a specific forum?

Yeah, so thanks. No it's okay, you didn't really hurt my feelings, maybe I do need a break to find what I want to do. I do tend to overthink things, but, I really do feel overwhelmed and emotional. My only problem is that to discover my hobbies, I need to do them quickly before I have less time in the future. I feel like I missed out on a typical childhood and I didn't explore my opportunities as much. Should I just... do it?

Also, would talking to a teacher or expert work?

Lol, I'm not new at all...I'm just not really posting much at the moment except as a mod. And yeah mods are assigned to specific forums I'm a Help & Advice forums mod. Anyway back on topic... I guess talking to a teacher about career options wouldn't be that bad. I'm not sure how it works outside the USA but we have school counselors that could help you with that sort of give infos about certain colleges/ universities and so on.

Sure you have to explore your hobbies and all yourself but the missing out on your childhood and things like that. I feel like this is a lot you carry around on your mind and maybe talking to a professional about it could be helpful.
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