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Default Re: i don't know what's wrong with me!?!

Originally Posted by Just JT View Post
Tbh you actually seem like you got a lot more figured red out than you feel you do I think
Not sure anyone told you but I don’t think your expected to know all about what you want etc for,your future right now
Besides even if you feel you do it’ll probably change a lot
Myndad told me most people who go to college don’t even get a career job in the field they studied.

Anyways I’d just follow,stuff younlike and enjoy. If it’s not fun don’t do it. Extra circular (sp) is fun to. Just don’t over do it. And that may be what’s happening if you’re understanding not have enough down time

Giving great advice and inspirational stuff is good. But also that advice has a theme right?
Do you liven your life by that theme?
Thank you. I'm just really overwhelmed by this. I really need to explore my extracurricular activities because I haven't done many... What do you mean by your last two sentences?
Thanks for the advice, again!

Also, I'm also afraid of missing out on a childhood by being in this state

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