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Default Re: i don't know what's wrong with me!?!

So what's the thing you want to do most?
I mean there is nothing wrong with wanting to be great or famous or leave a legacy but you have to find your path there
If you have enough determination I'm sure you can make it.

But what you wanna do, that's the thing you can only figure out for yourself.
You have to find what would make you most happy and then pursue this one thing. I know it's hard and overwhelming but as long as you don't find out what you really want you won't succeed anywhere.

Sure you can do very well in different fields but nobody really is an universal genius.

And sadly finding out what THE thing for you is nobody can really help you. That's the decision you gave to make alone.

You have to find out what is more of a hobby and what you wanna spend the rest of your life with.

Like you know for me: people tell me I am a really talented musician...not in the field of hip hop like most people with my skin color... but with real music, like I play guitar and piano and I am told I have a great singing voice and so on. Combined with my "exotic" looks people think I could make a career out of it. I love music to death but still for me it's just my hobby but I wouldn't want to make a living out of it.

My real passion I want to have a career in is medicine. People keep telling me it's boring and I won't make a lot of money out of it as I could with music but that's how I want to spend my adult life.

So once you have found what you really want I don't see why you should not succeed in being famous.

But at the moment I feel you just overthink it snd you doo too many different things at the same time. Get a break... get quiet and don't stress and maybe then your heart or your gut feeling or whatever you wanna call it tells you what you really want and need.

I hope I didn't hurt your feelings with my answer... I know I am sometimes kinda clumsy here and you don't think my answer is too stupid.

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