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Default Re: Spending of the budget

Originally Posted by Othello
Does it bother anyone besides myself that the american defecet is at a record breaking low? I mean, we have never had such a embarassing defecet. I know allot has happend in this administration, but the fact of the matter is, we don't have money to spend. I think that we should concentrate our money into more profitable things. Like agiculture, one of our main exports, as well as many other things. We need to stop spending money on NASA, our millitary, and oil scandles and concentrate our funding on bettering our nation. I'm tired of the United States funding oil companies. Aren't you. Its ridiculas. Sombody needs to do somthing. Sombody needs to take charge. you wanna spend a few bill on a mag lift but now your all pissed about the deficit

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