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Default Concerns

This is not about me but about my dad who is marring his girlfriend who is 25 and he is going on 50.
I have been having these thoughts rushing through my head that are:
-He started the affair with her after his mum had just died, could it of been the shock or grief.
-He is leaving lot of his money to her, she could only be with him for security and so she has a regular income, and she gets money and a house when they are married.
-Could it be male middlife crises does he really love her?
-When she is 35 she will not want to live with a 65 year old and divorce him.
I don't think they should be married. I don't want to see him hurt.
Should I tell him how I feel about his marriage? Or should I let him get on with it.

And after marriage she want a child I?m not sure I could coupe with that.
Sorry if there are any grammar or spelling mistakes.
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