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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

Answers to the last bunch of q's:

1) Masturbation is masturbation regardless of foreskin, the result is the same, and the sensation along the way is the same. There is no unique sensation from foreskin, so masturbation is the same. The only diff (obviously) is the presence of foreskin in creating that sensation. Your friend who was cut probably is responding more to the need to change his technique as he can no longer (obviously) use his foreskin.

2) Foreskin cannot be 'restored', foreskin is actually the thinnest skin on the body, approx. one cell thick. It is more accurately a membrane. As such, it cannot be duplicated, the procedures (some rather ghoulish, involving pulling and retaining the existing penis skin forward for an extended period of time) merely duplicate the look of the foreskin. The new skin is entirely too thick to work properly, and remains unattached towards the tip. Although these procedures might make the owner feel better about himself, that is not to be confused with feeling better thru his penis.
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