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Default Re: OCD Semen follow up

Hi Hermes. Well, I have had situations where a guy is playing with my penis and then plays with my head hair, just pulling it and fondling it. And yes, I am gay.
So yeah, this is how, when someone is having sex I don't imagine them thinking about stopping in n order to wipe their hands, i Guess precum goes everywhere, including head hair.
With me, it is about moral scrupulosity. If I don't make sure I am perfectly clean/ cleaned everything after myself, i feel like trash, like a bad person, spreading around his or someone else's fluids(in case of sex).
I don't know where that feeling comes from. Am I going to be a bad person if I have precum in my hair and don't wash it right away? Or if I don't clean door handles and stuff? Why isn't it immoral or bad to not clean or try to clean as good as possible after activities where semen and precum will be present?
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