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Default Re: OCD Semen follow up

So if it's precum you're worried about, how does that end up in your hair? Unless you are talking about pubic or body hair rather than head hair. I know some people get rather more than others but I have never hear of anyone having pre-cum squirt out with any great force. If it ends up on your hands just wipe them off before you put them in your hair.

If it is public hair you're worried about there is no need to be. As you go home from what you have been doing no-one else is going to know you got pre-cum in your pubes as they are not exactly on show. Once you're home it's to you if your shower or wash down there or not.

And generally, just be more relaxed about it. There is nothing dirty about cum or pre-cum. You don't want to walk through the sretts wearing it as a badge of honor but other than that just be practical about it.
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