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Default Re: OCD Semen follow up

Originally Posted by Nokia_2002 View Post
Actually my main concern is about the precum and not the semen and only in cases where water is not readily available. And only in cases it gets in my hair, since I won't be able to wash my hair immediately. Like car sex or outdoor sex.
Well precut or the context of this topic seems to me that whatever will still be contaminated just the same either way

And you can always keep a towel in the car for a quick clean up. I always have one in my backpack I always carry. Then you can just wash up when thereís water available

But Id be careful having sex in your car. Idk about where you live, but where I live, I could be arrested and be forced to be a registered sex offender for life and register with the police department in the Town I live, work and worship in. And thatís public information, and is openly posted in places like Town hall

So keepmit private bro, sounds like itís better for you anyways

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