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I guess I have sucked on updating my life.

Basicially. I'm currently applying to other jobs because my job sucks 95 percent of the time but I'm obviously waiting for the right time to leave. My new boss sucks which apparently I never mentioned? But yeah, we all compare her to Meredith from the Parent Trap. She's all about work and couldn't give a shit about any of us. The only thing that has made this tolerable that all of my friends are there with me so we can all bitch to eachother but we're all planning on leaving after the holiday season.

I'm currently co-leading a girl scout troop and just found out my co-lead is a fellow volunteer at the rescue shelter I volunteer for.

My crush still exists and is alive. I just saw her a couple weeks ago and a week from now we are heading on our first official date to a concert with two of my best friends. Me & my best friend went shopping for it on Monday and I bought the cutest outfit! I'm really excited!

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