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Originally Posted by Kiros72
So he's either normal, or extrememly happy? I could live with that...

Anyway, being bi-polar is more like going through extreme grief, then skipping a lot of the grieving process, and over doing it on the acceptance. Kinda like this:

I'm bored
I have no friends
Everyone hates me
I want to die
No one even cares
But at least I don't have to do anything, so I can rot in my bed
I feel so alone
Maybe I should go to Wendy's
Who wants to go to Wendy's?!?!?

And all of that could take place in a minute
Yeah... I know, bad example ...I suck at giving examples
I am bipolar... And thats a good example and all-- just not for bipolar. I never wanted to rot in my bed one minute and then crave Wendy's food the next...
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