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Default Ten Thosand Fists - Disturbed (A Review)

Well, I have nothing else to do, so I feel like reviewing the latest album by Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists, which was released today.

First off, aesthetic value is great. They comissioned Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo for their cover art and it was an excellent decision. It made the cover striking, dark and highly detailed. However, this is the least of this album.

Overall, this is quite a bit different from Disturbed's other works, less focus on fast paced, grinding, edgy songs to more methodical, lyric heavy and symbolic songs. This isn't an unwelcome change and does get the blood pumping, but this change could very well lose some of their initial fanbase of edgy headbangers. The material on the album is all very good, unlike their last album "Believe" where is kind of tapered off by the song "Mistress". This album is very consistent to sum this all up, which is rare nowadays, you usually get two or three good songs, then another three OK songs and then the rest you could do without; if anything, song writing holds this whole thing together.

Musicianship on this album was focused a lot less on their bassy and drum sounds that they usually had and a lot more on string intruments and some well placed electronic chords. The guitar work is notable in its now sharper sound in most of the songs, having more focus on that rather then the drums. David Draiman (Vocals) uses a whole new spectrum of tone with his singing. Instead of his classic low to high, he changes it around and plays with tone a lot more then in his past works. Production value on this album is definitely top notch.

The songs themselves are all very consistent, their single, "Stricken" is a good song to market to the public, just enough edge and melody to keep everybody interested, making it a solid song. The album opens however with the title song, "Ten Thousand Fists" which is a nice, fresh sound from the boys in Disturbed. Other notable mentions include "Just Stop", "Sons of Plunder" and an excellent cover of "Land of Confusion" (Originally by Genesis). As I said, this is more lyirc heavy as opposed to their typical fast paced edge.

Disturbed made an overhaul for this album and have obviously grown a lot since their days of "Down with the Sickness" and I can foresee them getting even further. I can see "Ten Thousand Fists" being their next hit, an edgier follow up to "Stricken". This departure was unexpected to say the least. Some songs still remain a bit shallow, but they make up with it with top notch musicianship and catchy hooks and the grungy voice of David Draiman.

My Verdict: Buy
My Overall Score: 4.5/5

Tell what you all think of this and if I should do it again, this was fun!

(This is not in the least a biased opinion, my parents have been in the music business prior and has kind of rubbed off on me. This is all just observation to the album/music of the person/persons.)

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