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Default OCD Semen follow up

Ok guys, here I am back again. I am still seeing my psychiatrist and waiting to meet a psychotherapist, possibly next week.
However I still have questions in the meantime.
I am better now, in terms of masturbation but what about sex?
Obviously in the heat of the moment, when people are having sex, hands go down and then up, so if I have precum/semen down there, it will spread to my hair and face, or my partner's face and hair. Do people without my fear think about that, if they have dried precum on themselves and then they touch it and touch something else? Aren't they concerned with spreading it around? If I am at home, I can take a shower, of course, but if I am having fun outside of my home I would probably freak out.
I am sorry to bother all of you with my stupid questions, it might be reassurance that I am seeking. It is just that these thoughts are not leaving me. Thank you.
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