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Default My one and only true love.

There was this gurl I met in the second grade.(Im in the 10th grade atm) The gurls name was Aleise. The first day I saw her I felt all weird and stuff. I still remeber some days back then.
A couple days later her friend had asked me if I like her (Aleise), I said "Yeah."
And I found out she liked me too.
So you know young kids like each other they would hold hands and stuff.
So like everyday we held hands, the teacher had to keep telling us stop holding hands.
3 Years later (5th grade) we were still in the same class with each other.
I still liked her. I was really shy and even her friends knew I liked her alot.
Prom came up and I was so shy to asked her if I can take her.
We would write notes to each other, and her friends would right notes to me.
Alot of boys in the skool liked her and I was one of them.
I can evn remeber 2 Boys getting into a fight over her, it was stupid.
But this one gurl wrote a note saying "What do you like about Aleise?"
I replyed "Everything."
Then this friend of hers Showed Aliese the paper, OMG I was so shy.
Her friend was saying that most boys liked her just because of her looks and I was different from them.

Finally I came up with the Courage to ask her to the Prom.
I later found out I was to late!
Some guy had already asked her and she had said yes!!
I felt sooooo bad, But she said she really liked him and would rather to go with me instead . Well we went to prom together and I felt so good.

Next year was 6th grade (Freshman year of Junior high skool)
We wern't in the same class. I was so angry
I couldn't see her as much and I didn't know what was going on with her and if she still Liked me.
I don't remeber anything happening that year.

Next year (7th grade) I moved away..
I couldn't even SPEAK TO HER NOW...
Every single day I would think about her, during skool, when I was going to sleep. My feelings for her kept getting stronger and stronger.

8th grade..
I moved back to where I was first living. it was like the most happiest thing in my life.
I went back to the same skool that I was a freshman at. I had periods 1-8.
I went thru periods 1-7 w/o even seeing her, I didn't think I had any classes with her. Finally end of the day 8th period started and I walked in.
I saw her
I was so happy but way to shy to express it to her..
We would stare at each other sometimes during class, I would talk to her sometimes, but I never had the courage to ask her if she would wanna go on a date or something or if she still liked me or to tell her that I still liked her.
Seeing her each day made my day.

Next year (9th grade Freshman year of High skool) I moved to my mom's house (Different story)
But anyway we went to different High Skools..
I didn't even know where she went.
I called my friend up and he said that he goes to the same high skool as her and he said that she was looking for me.

Summer vacation after 9th grade I went to my dad's house for 1 month and she lives close by. I always told myself that before this vacation is over I would man up and go to her house.
I walked by it a few times but didn't see her Dad's truck.. and I was never man enough to walk to her door and ask for her.

Now its 10th grade and I don't even know what happned to her. I don't know if she moved, if she has a boy friend, if she still thinks about me if she likes me or ANYTHING
Its tearing me APART
Because I LOVE this girl, Im passed the Liking, I think I love her.
If she moved away I don't know what I will do.

I don't know what I should do....

Nobody is a Virgin
Cuz life screws us all...
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