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Default Re: Do I have anxiety?

Potato (cute name btw):
Like everyone said, occasional nervousness and anxiety is normal. But when it starts to limit your behavior or becomes dibilitating, then you need to see a professional. For me, I would feel like "I just couldn't do" something. And the more I tried, the more nervous I got about it until I was sick to the point of vomiting. That kept getting worse and worse and the list of things I "couldn't do" got bigger and bigger until I couldn't go out of the house, then out of my room.
My anxiety is related to physical and mental abuse and a traumatic event. I started having really bad flashbacks and my anxiety got so bad that I couldn't eat without just vomiting everything back up. I got super-sick from that, lost 23 pounds, and was put in the hospital for several weeks.
I now have a great team of doctors and therapists and I've been recovering for several months. I still have issues, but my meds work much better now and I've been teaching myself skills to cope with my natural reactions. I also have a PTSD support group that includes several former soldiers, and they have been really great because they understand.
If you feel like you're slipping down the slope of illness and your anxiety is becoming debilitating, I recommend seeing a professional.
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