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Default Re: Do I have anxiety?

Originally Posted by Adarest View Post
I worry about alot of things too, but I try to focus on more important things in life, like my grades and my safety. I am always thinking about where to walk and how not to bother other people in the hallways while moving to another class, or even if I should answer a question I know or not. Even if I present in front of class or something, I am always shaking and nervous to talk. Same with playing piano in front of other people.

Could be casual nervousness, but I wouldn't think its a problem. I think about everything really, but I don't know if this is considered my anxiety or just me being aware. Maybe we just have to be used to being around other people more often.
Have it interfered your life? Based on what you said it's a bit more of stress or mild anxiety. BUT I'm not a psychiatrist, better get it checked out.

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