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Name: Adrian
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Default Re: General puberty survey for boys

Age: 13
Height: 5 feet 2 inches (I am really short compared to others my age)
Hair on legs?: Yes, noticeable
Hair under arms?: Not yet
Hair on face?: Not yet either
Hair on penis I have some on the shaft. But not on the penis.
But I do have significantly a lot of pubic hair. I only trim once in like 6 months.

Penis size soft: 2.5 inches
Penis size erect: 4 inches (I am more of a grower than a shower)
Straight/bi/gay: Bi, you can see in my signature
How often do you masterbate: Usually once a day
Can you ejaculate?: Yes
Virgin?: Yes, never done anything sexual with someone else other than being nude
With boy or girl?: ❌

My name is Adrian, I am 14 years old, dunno if I am gay or str8 (I am probably more of straight). I am a geek, and I am proud of it. I love computers, and all kinds of nerdy technology.
Feel free to send me a friend request
And send me a private message.
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