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Default Re: Anyone ever tried 2-CB

Originally Posted by Human View Post
how can you be so arrogant about a drug? nitrous is safe, safer than most drugs. it's stupid to put it down just because of its reputation.

have a good time, 2CB is pretty safe. the most common dose is around 20mg, but you can take more. the visuals are a bit like acid and it's similar to mdma in some's safe to combine it with the other drugs you mentioned, but be careful and don't go too overboard if you're mixing. weed can make it more intense, combined with mdma it could get way intense but you should be fine if you're with people you trust. nitrous is amazing on 2cb.
Dude I donít think she was trying to be arrogant, itís more so itís just dumb as fuck to try all these bs drugs. Some people have control, but more and more shit you try can open a gateway to deadly drugs. Itís just not fucking worth it.
You can get plenty fucked up on alcohol and pot.
I like being wired, donít get me wrong, but all these funky ass drugs just arenít worth it if you plan on having a productive life, and not just being a fucking junkie whoís only care is getting high.
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