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Default What phone should I get?

Hey guys, so my contact runs out soon and I really have no clue what phone I want to upgrade to. I currently have a Samsung A5 2016, and to be fair the camera is a bit naff, and I'm not a massive fan of the emoji, but other than that it's perfect.

I want a good camera, but I'm not gonna be using it for special purposes, just nice holiday photos and the like. I haven't had an iPhone really, so I mean I want to try one out but I really want the headphone jack. So the 6S is my biggest bet in terms of an Apple product.

I'm not really bothered in terms of storage either, I don't use a lot of apps and I can't stand having lots of photos in my gallery. I've managed to stay under easily 20GB for the last ~2 years of having my phone. 32GB would be fine.

I actually don't have a lot of knowledge of what other phones are out there in terms of brands and models. I'd like a newer release phone if possible, for better pictures and things, but like I said earlier a few brands are killing off the headphone jack and that's really something I'd like to keep.

Something I've never really had either is TouchID/biometric locks on my phone, so it'd be pretty rad if I had that too to be honest.

So, yeah... what's your experience with phones and which phone would be best for me? Casual and social usage.

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