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Originally Posted by PlasmaHam View Post
What kind of music is done during your typical Catholic service? As in, is music stressed or largely put to the side; is the music mainly choir or congregational; are chants or hymns more common; are Protestant hymns accepted; and how accepting is Catholicism of contemporary 'Christian' music?

Sorry, this got a bit long. I'm just not sure how to ask, as I'm really not familiar with how Catholics worship.
Nearly all the parts of the Mass can be sung, although usually only some are, while the rest are recited. Hymns can also be used, although they are secondary. Mass without any singing is strongly discouraged.

Hymns must be approved either by the episcopal conference (which is composed of all the bishops in a given country or region) or the local bishop. In practice this is done by approving hymnals as a whole. No rule prohibits the use of hymns composed by Protestants, but hymns that contradict Catholic doctrine are obviously not allowed.

If by contemporary Christian music you're referring to things like Christian rock, then the answer is not very. Music which distracts from the Mass itself is not supposed to be used.
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