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Originally Posted by Dalcourt View Post
Could you maybe elaborate this a little bit more? I feel it's rather interesting, since a lot of people, even a priest, gave me a different answer here.

I read that there had been different opinions about whether animals have souls or not since Pope John Paul II made a statement accordingly.
A soul is simply the form of a living thing. As such all living creatures have souls. The souls of animals and plants however, are not spiritual (since unlike humans, animals can sense only matter, and do not have the ability to reason about abstract concepts), and therefore do not survive the death of the body (1). I am not aware of any serious theologian who denies this.

Some modern theologians have argued that animals will rise again in the general resurrection, but their opinion is refuted by Aquinas (2), and no one can explain how it is that animals raised back to life can be identical with animals that had previously died, nor in what mode an animal would exist in a world with no corruption or decay.

And obviously Pope Francis is known for having said something that made people interpret it like he said animals could indeed go to heaven.
That never happened (3). It was fake news spread by members of the media, who as everyone knows are wont to tell lies and to repeat whatever they hear without doing diligence.

1. "Hence it is clear that the sensitive soul has no per se operation of its own, and that every operation of the sensitive soul belongs to the composite. Wherefore we conclude that as the souls of brute animals have no per se operations they are not subsistent. For the operation of anything follows the mode of its being." - Summa Theologica I.LXXV.III

2. "If plants and animals are to remain, either all of them will, or some of them. If all of them, then dumb animals, which had previously died, will have to rise again just as men will rise again. But this cannot be asserted for since their form comes to nothing, they cannot resume the same identical form. On the other hand if not all but some of them remain, since there is no more reason for one of them remaining for ever rather than another, it would seem that none of them will. But whatever remains after the world has been renewed will remain for ever, generation and corruption being done away. Therefore plants and animals will altogether cease after the renewal of the world." - Summa Theologica Suppl. XCV.V


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Do you go to a church where the mass is all in Latin? Do you understand any of it?
The church that I attend has Mass in English, with only some parts in Latin. I understand only a little Latin at present.
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