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Originally Posted by PlasmaHam View Post
In Catholicism, can animals go to Heaven?
No. When an animal dies it is gone.

Originally Posted by AussieNicholas View Post
What are the beliefs that separate Catholics from Protestants (I'm someone who knows next to nothing about religion)?
The essential differences are:

1, Catholics believe that Revelation consists of both the Bible and in Apostolic Tradition. This is so since the writing of the New Testament occurred after the Apostles had already been spreading the faith for at least a decade, and in any case no written text can be exhaustive (that would be logically impossible given the nature of human language). Protestants believe that the Bible is the ultimate source of Christian doctrine, the value of Apostolic Tradition is a point on which different types of Protestants disagree.
2. Catholics believe that the Pope, as the successor to St. Peter, is the head of the Church on Earth, and has the authority to make definitive decisions on matters of faith and morals. Protestants do not recognize any supreme authority.
3. Catholics believe in infused righteousness, whereas Protestants believe in imputed righteousness. What this means is that, in the Catholic view, God's grace actually makes men good. On the other hand, Protestants hold that becoming good is not part of becoming saved, and the extent to which it is possible is the subject of internal disagreement among Protestants.

Other issues on which Catholics and Protestants differ:

1. Catholics hold that the Eucharist really becomes the body and blood of Jesus Christ, with only the appearance of bread and wine remaining, whereas basically all Protestants hold that the bread and the wine really remain. Whether Christ is really present physically, whether he is present only in a spiritual sense, or whether it is purely symbolic, are matters of disagreement among Protestants.
2. Catholics hold that Jesus Christ instituted seven sacraments, Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Confession, Marriage, Holy Orders, and Anointing of the Sick. Protestants hold that only Baptism, Eucharist, and (according to some Protestants) Confession were instituted by him. Whether and to what extent the others are observed is a matter of internal disagreement between Protestants.

There are also a number of issues which many but not all Protestants disagree with Catholics regarding, such as:

1. Catholics believe that the saints, Christians who have gone before us and have been formally recognized by the Church as being in Heaven, are to be venerated, and can intercede for us before God. Many Protestants reject this.
2. Catholics believe that salvation can be lost by serious sin, if not repented of. Protestants disagree regarding whether and how salvation can be lost.
3. Catholics believe that the sacraments really confer grace. Many Protestants hold that they are merely symbolic.
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