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Default Re: I feel like I'm going to hate adult life

Originally Posted by dancedreamergirl View Post
I'm so sorry Are you planning to go to college? Because in college, you get to choose your major, which means you get to take classes you actually enjoy. And the point of it is to prepare yourself for a job in a field that you love.

I always hated school up until college, and then I loved it. What is it that you are interested in, may I ask? What is it that you're passionate about? I hope that you pursue that dream, whatever it is.

And if you don't know yet? That's fine. Many people change their college majors. Community college is there for people who don't know what they want to do yet, and for them to try out different things and see what they like best. It's fine. The important thing to know is that you do NOT have to take a job in a field you are miserable in. You have every right to pursue your dream, whatever it is. I completely agree with you, life isn't worth living when you're not happy and working at a job you hate. So why not work for and pursue a career that you love? I guaruntee that there is something out there for you, and I hope you find it and go after it with all your heart. You can do this!
Thank you. In the past couple of months I've started feeling better than I used to, but I still feel down at times. My real aspiration for quite a while is to be a writer (I've enjoyed writing fiction as a hobby since I was about 10), but I'm worried that I'll struggle to make a career out of it so I've been trying to keep my options open. My best subjects this year have been law, psychology and English. I'm considering doing something with law as a backup but I'm also not that excited about the idea. I enjoy history as well, but I'm hesitant to really pursue it since I don't know if I'll have that many job prospects over here. I'm sure if I went to another country I could find a job without much trouble but I doubt I'll ever have the money for something like that. I've been trying to write more regularly and I'm putting more planning into my stories and trying to sort of self-teach online, but my writing time is limited since I've got exams this week and I need to start looking for a job once the holidays start, so that cuts into a lot of my spare time.

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