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Originally Posted by Mars View Post
Did Australia not put a ban on guns and their rates in gun violence, gun related incidents, etc. Cut down a shit ton?
Not necessarily all rainbows here. Australia did experience a decline in gun-related deaths after their 1996 gun ban, but if you look at the statistics, there was already a natural decline in gun violence before the ban was enacted, and nothing indicates that their gun ban accelerated that decline.

In addition, while the Australian ban did decrease the numbers of guns, the crime rates of Australia did not decrease because of it. Homicides, for instance, have not decreased beyond the natural decline that happens in developed countries. Interestingly, the cases of of contact crimes (stabbings, assault, rape) Australia has seen basically non-existent declines since 1996, and now its rates of it is one of the highest of developed nations, even beating out the USA.

Assault Cases: 17 Most Developed countries

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