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Question Does he like me

I've known him for a month and we don't exactly run into each other every day.
We don't really have many mutual friends.
We're both in this politics club thing, that's how we met.

We Snapchat occasionally, he texts me first about 50% of the time, but not regularly at all.
He screenshots the funny stuff and my ugly selfies.
He ALWAYS makes the effort to hug me when we see each other, and sometimes just randomly, and he doesn't always do that with other girls.
He is always respectful, listens to me, starts conversations and responds. He is known to be rather easygoing and unserious, but the other day he told me very seriously that he is very proud of me.
I'm a little reserved and he's always super out there and extroverted so he hangs out with those other loud people, but he makes the time for me as well

He had a girlfriend when we met but they just broke up recently.
I sort of like him...

Now, the thing is, we can go weeks without talking, and he doesn't really seem to make the extra effort. Also he is extremely good looking and both his previous girlfriends were very hot.

I don't know what to do.
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