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Default different penis'??

questions about yours...

how old are you?_________________ race(optional):_________________

1. Size soft:_____________________

2. size hard:_____________________

3. cut/uncut?:____________________

4. shaved/trimmed/niether/ no hair yet?:__________________

5. pubic hair amount- heavy, medium, light:_______________

6. pubic hair color:______________

7. thick/thin?:___________________

8. hung?:_________________________

9. other info: ___________________



I don't believe this has been posted yet, I apologize if it has been.

This is more of a curiosity post. PM me or IM me to chat.

questions about yours...(my answers)

how old are you?: 17 race: white

1. Size soft:2.5inches

2. size hard:about 7 inches

3. cut/uncut?:cut

4. shaved/trimmed/niether/ no hair yet?:mostly trimmed, shave every once in a while
5. pubic hair amount- heavy, medium, light:medium
6. pubic hair color:black (i think all is but my friend who is a red head refers to his as a 'flame thrower' lol)

7. thick/thin?:thickish

8. hung?:i wish
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