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Default Re: I need help, but I don't want to get it

As Elysium I'm in the US and things work different here but getting information or a prescription from your general physician should be possible elsewhere, too.

I'm not sure about what your health insurance covers, for me the greatest issue usually is not having time or my family but money issues.
You shouldn't think I have no time for therapy or I don't want others to know about JT said health should be your top priority. You have problems and they won't go away on their own, sadly.

If therapy or meds work better for you... it's different for everyone, so you should give both a chance I would say.

But now the most important and most inconvenient part:
I understand that this initial conversation and ask for help is the most difficult thing to do. I admit I never had to do it since I was way too young when my mental problems started so this was basically done for me.
I hate the feeling of having to get help I always feel stupid and like a whiny lil kid.
But the first step is already done when you can admit to yourself you need help.

I dunno about you, but I always imagine important conversations in your head days or even weeks before I have them. I play out hundreds of scenarios what I say, what the other says I overthink it and make myself crazy. And the more I do, the more I'm unwilling to go there, have this conversation and find excuses for myself not to do it.

So I try to trick myself into doing those things more spontaneous. It doesn't always work and I often make a fool of myself in the process but in the end it works better than thinking too much.

Therefore I feel like the general physician is a good start you don't need appointments so long ahead but can go there spontaneous. Just talk about what troubles you without thinking (sounds worse than. it is) and look where it takes you.

Once you have done this initial step it will getting easier,believe me.
It is hard but it is worth get the help although you don't want to.
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