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Default Re: I need help, but I don't want to get it

Have a few thoughts
Your health needs to be the highest priority in your life. So male time for therapy. Therapy sucks but it works. And it might be that it works with some meds that stave off some of the symptoms a bit. At least for a little while

As far as talking to a therapist or Dr?

Your Dr probably wonít need much details to make a referral if yi7 simply ask for one.
Do you keep a journal?
If you do maybe share that or parts of it that are pertinent with your therapist, no words, let them make the first verbal attempt at talking about stuff

Donít have a journal?
Start one, a journal of those thoughts you feel you canít share with anyone. Then all you need to do is hand it to someone. Theyíll reap it and understand

Your family, dude Iím pretty sure theyíd wana know more about this. Let them in, they love you. Parents donít (typically) want their own kids to suffer, they wana be able to help. Show them your journal.

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