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Originally Posted by Mars View Post
Opinion? ^^"
Opinion of you? well... *large intake of breath*

You're bloody great. Obviously I didn't know that well before I was staff, but I kinda knew who you were. I thought we were very different tho. Since becoming a part of the staff team however, I've found we have a lot of similarities and our personalities are definitely in harmony with each other. I can always have a laugh with you and your messages, like I can relate to a lot of things you say and opinions you have.

You're also <3 adorable <3 and send me lots of cat and dog pictures so like how can I not get along with you?

Thanks for becoming friends with meeee

Originally Posted by Endeavour View Post
because it's been a while, i'm gonna ask you for an opinion as well ^^
Well first off, you're the geography buddy of the ages, even though you don't take geography anymore (snake)

all jokes aside though, you're also an amazing friend and we can always joke about some of the posts we've seen across the Internet and I can always feel confident talking to you about school matters and you'd give me awesome advice if I ever asked for it. When I talk to you it honestly feels like I've known you for years, in the best way. And that's awesome!

plus some of the things you say or comment just makes me laugh, like you probably don't intend to but you're very funny. so yeah, thanks for also being a great friend even before I joined the staff team <3

also pretty sure I said this before but thanks again for getting me through the exam period because seeing your PM titles like "4 DAYS TO GO!!!!11" (or probably something of that caliber tbh) made me feel really positive and you kept me happy throughout the exam season! so thankssss

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