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Default Re: Ask Me Anything!

Originally Posted by Desynchronized View Post
*how you doing?
*how does it feels to b a mod?
*your fav animals(except cats n dogs lol)
*whats do you think is the most overused word?
Btw sorry for this uninteresting questions, icouldn't come up w anything better :/ @devotionnel
1. it feels ... great. nah its cool. being staff is awesome.
2. ooh this is a very hard one... but foxes. foxes are definitely like one of my favourite non-domesticated animals.
3. Most overused? hrrm.. over here loads of people my age say "skrrr" and even though I find it insanely annoying I started saying it ironically and now it's a part of my normal vocabulary... so I'm not exactly one to talk xD

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