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I think there are two related issues here.

The first is the concept of "clean enough". Here I think the advertising industry are partly to blame for making people paranoid. For example, they advertise products to kill the germs in your toilet. How long will that last? Until the next time somebody shits in it and then it is full of germs again. The reason people generally don't get infections from a toilet is not because it is clean but because they don't put their hands in it and then put their hands in their mouths so those germs are never transferred into their bodies. Likewise there is a bacteria commonly found on the skin called Staphylococcus. If you did manage to clean it all off it would lead to an increase in fungal infections so it is actually good to have it there. Normally the skin acts a barrier and keeps it out of the body so the only time it is a problem is when you have a cut where it can get rubbed into the wound and make it septic which is why we clean wounds. In an operating theatre the surgeon will be very concerned that the instruments are sterile and not so interested in the state of the floor.

So as far as avoiding getting sick a few targeted measures are all that are necessary, mostly hand washing and in particular washing hands after handling raw meat, after a shit, and before eating food with your hands. How clean the rest of your body is doesn't really matter. The purpose of showering, for example, is to make things pleasant and avoid BO, not to stay healthy. Likewise the purpose of cleaning a house is to make it pleasant, not to avoid getting sick.

On the question of semen feeling dirty because it is the result of an activity that you find morally dirty it may be worth thinking about where that view may have come from. When we're little children our parents, and other adults around us, may refrain from talking about anything sexual because they fear it would "corrupt" our childhood. The consequence is that sex (including masturbation) seems like something secret. We've been told that keeping secrets is bad and we may get to thinking there maybe something bad about it otherwise why would it not be discussed out in the open.

There can also be a religious influence but if you look at the general attitude of the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) the general theme is very strongly anti-adultery but otherwise not so down on sex as people think.

Finally, we can also get a strong message from those concerned about teenage pregnancy but again it is not having sex that is bad but getting someone pregnant when the circumstances aren't right for the pair of you to bring up the baby. That can be addressed by being responsible about contraception and does even apply to masturbation where no-one will get pregnant.

Despite the messages you get from various places some form of sexual release is normal and healthy from puberty through the whole of adulthood and you should not feel guilty about it.
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