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Default Re: OCD Semen

Not sure how you feel that way about semen. Thereís really nothing dirty about it. Itís actually sterile, provided you arenít sick. Itís come out of your own body, so really canít be any more dirty than you are yourself. Is why itís ok and IMO healthy to ingest.

So it doesnít really bother me in that way, not saying itís wrong or bad that someone else does either. And I also donít view sexual things as shameful or dirty either. Itís a natural, very good, healthy, and fun thing to do. Itís how we make more humans, and thatís also good.

Aside from proper personal hygeine and safe sex practices, no, I donít feel the same way as you. But also, keep in mind where your hand goes and has been, and where other peopleís hands also go. And pay attention when in a public restroom how many people actually wash their hands after take a piss or take a crap!

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