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Default OCD Semen

Hi guys,
This is my first post here. My OCD revolves around semen contamination. I just don't want that stuff anywhere where someone may touch it and spread it and whatnot. I am currently seeing a psychiatrist and I am on Lexapro and Abilify.
So, basically with the ERP, I shouldn't be cleaning doorhandles and surfaces, excessively, but then wouldn't that make me immoral? A bad person, who doesn't clean well enough his mess and leaves it for other people to touch?
I struggle with these concepts of "excessive" cleaning and "morality", especially when it comes to the "shameful", "bad" substance, which semen is, at least in my brain. I guess I still have this idea, stuck in my brain, that all sexual activities that lead to the inevitable ejaculation of semen, are "shameful" and "dirty", hence the outcome of them is dirty as well.

Also, it seems I can never wrap my head around the concept of good enough cleaning up of semen. What is considered a good enough cleanup according to people without my OCD?
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