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Well, a couple of months ago, it got downloaded along with my automatic updates thing. But it got installed without me instaling the newest drivers, update software, etc. And when I rebooted it said windows was corrupt. Then I did a destructive system recovery (its on a partition on the HDD cuz HP sucks that way) and somehow that got corrupted too. So I called Geeksquad, tried to help me, and they couldn't. The guy said if your computer is more than 2 years old, not to even bother trying to install it. There goes 80 bucks down the drain. So i called HP, they said i had to order a disk, system recovery disk. another 30 bucks. When i got it, i called them up and they said i got the wrong one, i needed the set of 7 disks. That was another 100 bucks. Finaly after being out of commition for over 2 weeks, i got it back up and running. So I'm never installing it again. I just have it hidden in my automatic updates, and for some reason it has tried to sneak it by me and tryed to download it. but it hasent.
But this is what i dont understand. My system info says i have home edition v. 5.1.2600 build 2600. My school computers say the same thing but it has service pack 2 after the "build 2600" So does that mean i have sp2 or sp1 or no service pack at all?
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