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Default Re: Charlottesville police failed to provide protection to synagogue from armed Neo-N

Originally Posted by Arkansasguy View Post
1. Just calling someone a "Neo-Nazi" doesn't make it so. Agent provocateurs aside, the vast vast majority of white nationalists do not utilize Nazi symbols or imagery.

2. Given the known threat of Antifa, it's entirely understandable that the rally would have armed security. If a bunch of people with guns had any intention of starting violence, there would have been shootings, which there weren't.
The issue was that, whilst they may have had no intention of starting anything with them, the guns were NOT there for protection. If they were, there would have been a cohesive circle of armed people or even any sort od organisation of people with guns for more effective protection in case of attack. It's clear from the descriptions and pictures that, whether they were indeed neo-nazis or not, the guns were more a sign of power and might than any idea of protection. They knew the guns probably weren't needed: Antifa pepperspray and bludgeon at their worst moments, they don't shoot.
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