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Default Re: How do I ask for help?

Originally Posted by WhoWhatWhen View Post
For the past few months, maybe even years, I believe I've been struggling with some type of anxiety/depression disorder. I've never been diagnosed but I've just been feeling worse and worse everyday. For these reasons, I think I need to ask for help.

But what do I say? How can I tell my parent how I've been feeling and that I'm serious and it's not just an "I'm in a mood" thing? I've been told that kind of brushed off when I asked a few years ago and I really don't want to get that again.

I'm really getting to my limit honestly, I feel even more defeated and hopeless everyday. I really don't want to anything stupid.
I understand totally where you're coming from. I got the exact same thing with my parents still do. I'm already in therapy once a week and medication and they still, especially my mother, believe that it's just a phase that can be worked through. The way I did it was I gave my mother a note before I went to work that asked her to look up borderline personality disorder (which was what I thought I had at the time). She later asked me why I had her look it up and who had it, and I told her maybe me.
I later showed my dad the few cuts I had on my arms at that time. That started a several month battle to give them context. Use what you wrote here. It's excellent, just accent it with more details of your mental state, whatever you're comfortable with giving up. Good for you getting treatment. I'm always around if you want to chat as well.

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