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Default Re: Is this normal?

Originally Posted by WhoWhatWhen View Post
It really depends on what they are learning in class. It is kind of a weird assignment though and kind of innapropriate. But maybe it has to do with something theyre reading. Id just monitor what her other assignments are and see if that one was the only odd one. Personally, Id never been given an assignment like that and dont think it would be allowed in my school because its seems a bit innapropriate without any context to what theyre studying in class).
Originally Posted by Brigje View Post
If this is normal depends on the context in which the assignment is given.

In these days with the Internet in every corner of once life, porn is easy accessible for everybody, including your little sister. And as we know or should know porn is totally different than erotic love, it is a good thing children learn the difference between the two early in life.

I think that your statement is extremely aggressive. It sounds like you are obsessively trying to protect your sister. She has the right to life her own life and do what she thinks is right, I am sure she is intelligent and wise enough to make her own decisions on this.
Originally Posted by mick01 View Post
Wouldn't it be more appropriate if your parents were informed and aware of this assignment? As your sisters' legal guardians, they should decide if it is an appropriate assignment.
Originally Posted by Anniebanannie View Post
I agree with everyone who's written so far. Please make sure your parents know so they can make a decision. I'm glad you're so protective of your sister. And the assignment does sound a bit borderline -- although it's a genuinely intellectual question. But if it's for math class, then yeah, the alarm bells should be ringing.

Will you tell us more as you learn more?
Originally Posted by Danieldv77 View Post
This could definitely be a normal subject, depending on the context of the lesson. For instance, I had to write about Oryx and Crake during my time in AP English 12, and if you've ever read that book, you certainly can understand why a topic such as the one you brought up could definitely find relevance within the lesson.
Well, like all first year classes, they did the "Epic of Ghilgamesh", but when I look at what I and my peers wrote regarding that book, sex, eroticism, etc. was borderline mentioned. I mean while there is one erotic element in the book, the whole book is not based on that.

That's what ticked off my alarm at first. I asked around after learning that and no person I know be it my age, older or her age had nothing similar to do. The parents know, her mother is indifferent, while dad got angry, but did not go all code red like me. Still I told her if any of them asked her to stay alone with them after class to call me so I can be somewhere nearby ready to respond. I saw and have been through many things when I was her age, things she shouldn't go through, not just in puberty, but in life in general. I am not talking about those little mistakes and bad things that shape you into a stronger person, but things which can scar you for life. I just don't want her to go through that. I am currently just on the lookout. If something happens to her, I will be first to respond. I don't see myself as overprotective, I just let her do her things and am there to be relied upon when needed.

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