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Default Sexual Development Survey for GIRLS

Social interactions, peer acceptance, and sexual development are important to all of us. And while each of us tries to establish our own identity, we are also curious to know what everyone else is doing. Independence versus conformity. This survey attempts to discover how and when you coped with your sexual development, and the environment you faced. Perhaps you'll read a response and think, "Hey.....that's me!" Hope you participate and that it helps.

1. Current age:
2. How many siblings do you have? Are they older or younger?
3. Are your parents very religious?
4. Are your parents very strict?
5. Did/do your parents ever talk to you about sex?
6. Do you feel you can openly talk to at least one parent about sex or sexual issues?
7. Do you feel you can openly talk to a sibling about sex? Is that sibling younger or older than you?
8. Have you engaged in oral sex? If so, how old were you the first time?
9. Have you engaged in vaginal sex? If so, how old were you the first time?
10. Have you engaged in anal sex? If so, how old were you the first time?
11. In what order did you have oral, anal, and vaginal sex?
12. Do either of your parents know about your sexual activity?
13. Do any of your siblings know about your sexual activity?
14. How do you deal with getting adequate privacy to engage in sex?
15. Have you ever had oral, vaginal, or anal sex when either your parents or siblings were nearby? Oral, vaginal, anal?
16. Have you ever had anal sex as a form of birth control or to preserve your (vaginal) virginity?
17. Do you consider anal sex to be mainstream or taboo? Would you be embarrassed if your friends knew you've had anal sex? Siblings? Parents?
18. What was/is your most valuable source of information to help you with sex (regarding things like birth control, condoms, lube)?
19. Do you wish your parents or siblings were more available to you to talk about sex, or do you prefer the status quo?
20. If you had a specific question about sex today, where or to whom would you turn to get answers?

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