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I have an older brother that is a physician specialist in adolescent medicine, so I asked him:

He gets this question at least 30% of physical exams. He assures them that their penis length is normal for their age (unless they are not- example: 16 yr old with no indication of puberty yet. In that case, he orders various hormone level tests & sometimes x-ray of hands for bone age)

Regarding your question about whether the penis will grow more, his response depends on the patient's Pubertal Stage. To someone in early puberty he says, "I expect you have a good more growing to do." To guys in end stages of puberty: "Possibly, but additional growth can continue for several more years,"

Regardless of age & puberty stage, he told me that he always follows up with:
1. Do you have concerns about that? I have time to discuss it right now & our discussion is totally confidential.
2. We can follow up on your development down there on future visits, to see how you feel about your growth.

He said he has NEVER asked a patient to develop an erection so that he can see it. He trusts his patient's measurements if HE volunteered that info. "The only time ANY doctor should as a kid or teen to develop an erection is if a urologist needs to assess hypospadias or epispadias. Anything else is unethical & should be reported to the State Medical Board"

When a patient develops an erection during an exam, he says, "That's perfectly normal, don't worry about it. Your hormones are high in puberty, & we all get erections, at times, for no obvious reason!"

Sorry if this is TMI

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