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Default Re: Male Body Survey

Age? 16
Sexual Orientation? Straight but curious
Nationality/Ethnic Origin? Caucasian

Indicate yes or no if you have the following:

Armpit Hair yes
Chest Hair yes
Stomach Hair yes
Happy Trail yes
Pubic Hair Above Penis yes
Pubic Hair On Penis sadly
Pubic Hair on Scrotum yes
Butt Hair On Cheeks yes
Butt Hair in Crack yes
Leg Hair yes
Arm Hair yes
Foot Hair yes
Toe Hair a little
Facial Hair yes

What age did you get the following:

Armpit Hair 13
Chest Hair 15
Stomach Hair 15
Happy Trail 15
Pubic Hair Above Penis 12
Pubic Hair On Penis 12
Pubic Hair on Scrotum 12
Butt Hair On Cheeks 13
Butt Hair in Crack 15
Leg Hair 13
Arm Hair 13
Foot Hair 13
Toe Hair 13
Facial Hair 15

Do you shave, trim or leave natural the following?
How often?

Armpit Hair never
Chest Hair sometimes
Stomach Hair sometimes
Happy Trail sometimes
Pubic Hair Above Penis shave once a week
Pubic Hair On Penis ^
Pubic Hair on Scrotum ^
Butt Hair On Cheeks once in a while
Butt Hair in Crack once in a while
Leg Hair never
Arm Hair never
Foot Hair never
Toe Hair never
Facial Hair when it gets too long

What color body hair do you have? Dark brown
What is your hair color on your head? Same

Are you embarrassed or proud of any body hair? Which ones? I donít really care

Does anyone ever comment on your body hair? Who? When I havenít shaved my pubes in a while the gets on the team will make fun of me

What is the reason you shave or trim any hair? I donít like pubes and hair on my penis hurts when i jerk

If you could have more, less, or the same amount, what would you choose? Less

Do your friends shave, trim, or leave pubic hair natural? Shave

Where do you see other boy's body hair? In the shower

Do you masturbate? How often? Once a day

16. Iíd love to talk!
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